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What We Offer

NewStart Business Services Bookkeeping and Accounting Services provide top-notch business and personal tax preparation and filings. As a full-service year-round tax & accounting firm, we are always available when you need us.

Individual Tax Preparation

We offer integrated tax consulting and strategic advice to help you avoid missteps and proactively reduce your tax liability. 
Our Individual Tax services include:
Federal and multi-state compliance/Estate planning/Business succession planning/Private Accounting and Family Office Services/Entrepreneurial business owner wealth and tax planning/Expatriate planning and compliance
Individual Tax Returns prepared w/ complete schedules includes but is not limited to IRS Form 1040/IRS Form 1040NR 

Business Tax Preparation

Some of the business tax preparations we handle are:
Sole Proprietorship Tax Returns for Entrepreneurs/Schedule E for Rental Income Tax Returns/Schedule C for Small Business Tax Returns/Partnership Tax Returns/Limited Liability Company Tax Returns/Corporation Tax Returns/S Corporation Tax Returns/Restaurant Tax Returns
We also offered tax auditing services, to help protect you when you are being audited by the IRS. 

Bookkeeping Services

Straight-forward automated bookkeeping, all done for you. well-organized financial records ensure that your business operations will run more efficiently on a daily basis and are the foundation of a successful business. Our qualified staff can set you up on a bookkeeping schedule that meets your business needs.

Payroll Services

For many businesses, it can be incredibly time-consuming to handle the payroll on their own.  part of our payroll services, we will help you manage that effort and make it easy to get a consistent payroll system in place. 

Startup Company Planning

If you want to know if your startup is financially feasible, then you will want to use our startup company planning service. We can help from the inception of your idea, No matter what stage you are at with your startup company planning, identify the best tax setup for your business, so you have a greater chance of succeeding. 

Sales Tax Preparation

We prepare all types of business income tax returns, including tax returns for multiple states. We can help you understand and manage your sales tax obligations and prepare sales tax returns in an efficient and timely manner, and many other situations. We can keep your taxes current and consistently up to date on laws and regulations and can negotiate and file past taxes.

Do You Need Help?

We believe in taking care of our clients first. When you come to us with your taxes and accounting, our primary goal is to make sure that we get your problems solved and that you are completely satisfied with the results

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