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Annual Tax Filing

Corporate tax is relatively complex, and different types of corporate tax’s deadline is different.

Our accountants and tax accountants will provide a very professional service, and record your tax clearly.They are familiar with the rules of accounting in United States, know all kinds of exemption policy, and will help you to save taxes to the greatest degree.

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Personal tax

The deadline for filing a personal income tax is April 15 of each year. If it is not ready, it can be postponed on before April 15, and the deadline for postponed filing is October 15.

Rental Income

If you have US housing rental income, you need to apply for a personal tax number, and reported SCHEDULE E rental income. Our accounting firm is the authorized IRS ITIN, which is the personal tax number issued by the Department, where you can quickly get a personal tax number. Information needed: a clear copy of passport and visa, rental days, income and cost.

Investment income

If you have US investment income, that is, there will be K1 at the end of the year, you also need to apply for personal tax to declare personal income tax. Information needed: a clear copy of passport and visa, rental days, income and cost.

Personal income

If you have US personal income, such as providing services to US companies, and they have transfer to you, you also have to report personal income tax. But there is a tax-free agreement between China and the United States, that is, you need to declare taxes but do not need to pay taxes.


Personal tax charges are: $ 100-800 which is based on personal circumstances as well as income items.

Information needed

Personal passport and visa copy, personal income, mailing address and other information.


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