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Worldwide Shipping

All Domestic and International services available.

Exclusive access to discounts on postage rates,Receive FedEx/UPS/USPS discounted rates. Quickly compare rates and ship the best way for your business.

Save Time: You can enjoy discounted rates and book our shipping services. Simply print out the shipping label, attach it to your package then drop it off at your nearest drop-off location.

Fedex Express

International Shipping  Services

With NSBS Shipping Services it’s quick and easy to find the cheapest US courier services. In seconds you can see quotes from all our US shipping partners, allowing you to compare prices and book in one place. 

Find the cheapest way to ship within the USA in 6 simple steps:

Package your item

Weigh (lbs.) and measure your package (L x W x H inch)

Offer us the dimensions/weight of your package into our shipping calculator

Give a description and value for the item you’re shipping

Complete the address for where you’re sending from and to


Get a quote,It's that simple!

Man Carrying a Box

Shipping to China,Hong Kong,Taiwan

Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, fast delivery, faster time.

We currently ship letter and any size packages to all of China discount price up to 80%.


Please come in for prices.

Domestic Shipping Recommend

US domestic Overnight shipping

Overnight shipping services are very popular as it means you can ship your item and it will arrive quickly with the recipient.

US domestic ground shipping

Ground shipping services are popular with those looking for cost-effective delivery in the US. Ground shipping generally takes a little longer, but this is reflected in the price, which will be significantly lower than express courier service. 

Box Delivery

Walk in my office for FREE!!!

Welcome to our office to deliver your package. For the general parcel delivery business, we provide free boxes and packaging services. 

We are an authorized FedEx ShipCenter and shipping supplies retailer located in Fremont, California. We will help you generate FedEx labels and safely package and prepare your materials for shipment. 

For any questions regarding shipping labels, international shipping, or prohibited materials by FedEx please contact customer service at

(510) 556-6097.

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