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Worldwide Shipping




独家获得邮资折扣,接收 FedEx/UPS/USPS 折扣价。快速比较费率并为您的业务提供最佳运输方式。


Fedex Express

International Shipping  Services

With NSBS Shipping Services it’s quick and easy to find the cheapest US courier services. In seconds you can see quotes from all our US shipping partners, allowing you to compare prices and book in one place. 

Find the cheapest way to ship within the USA in 6 simple steps:

Package your item

Weigh (lbs.) and measure your package (L x W x H inch)

Offer us the dimensions/weight of your package into our shipping calculator

Give a description and value for the item you’re shipping

Complete the address for where you’re sending from and to


Get a quote,It's that simple!

Man Carrying a Box

Shipping to China,Hong Kong,Taiwan

Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, fast delivery, faster time.

We currently ship letter and any size packages to all of China discount price up to 80%.


Please come in for prices.

Domestic Shipping Recommend

US domestic Overnight shipping

Overnight shipping services are very popular as it means you can ship your item and it will arrive quickly with the recipient.

US domestic ground shipping

Ground shipping services are popular with those looking for cost-effective delivery in the US. Ground shipping generally takes a little longer, but this is reflected in the price, which will be significantly lower than express courier service. 

Box Delivery


欢迎来到我们的办公室来交付您的包裹。对于一般的包裹派送业务,我们提供免费的箱子和包装服务。我们将为您提供来自国内和国际承运商(如 Fedex、DHL、UPS、USPS)的折扣运费报价清单。

我们是授权的 FedEx ShipCenter 和运输用品零售商 位于加利福尼亚州弗里蒙特。我们 将为您提供帮助 生成联邦快递标签并安全地包装和准备您的材料以进行运输。 

有关 FedEx 运输标签、国际运输或违禁材料的任何问题,请联系客服 at (510) 936-3878。

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